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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Horoscope winners are.............

Gosh, please do let us all know what your horoscope actually said for today!

Here are the lucky winners:


Sandee Hyde

Thanks for playing everyone, there is a new challenge for you for this week


Pocket Packet Friday Entries for Horoscope

Though I am a little late (as always) here are the entries for the Horoscope theme for Pocket Packet Friday May 15th




Sandee Hyde





Thanks for looking, enjoy!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pocket Packet Friday theme and free images are back!!!

Check out the PDA main page for the newest theme for Pocket Packet Friday

as well there are 2 new tabs on the main page for all of the free images on PDA.

You will need the password in order to be able to view these images so stop by the Key Master Group to sign up. The Key Master holds the password to all of the free images.

Thanks for looking!


Winner is......

And The winner is:


Shannon will receive a pocket packet sent to her in the mail shortly.

Thanks everyone for playing, a new pocket packet theme will be posted shortly.


Pocket Packet Friday entries for Bare or Bear

Here are the entries for Pocket Packet Friday theme: Bare or Bear




Thanks for participating and for looking! The winner will be posted next!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pocket Packet Friday Theme and a new drop down tab

Hi Everyone,

A new theme challenge for Pocket Packet Friday has been posted on PDA in the usual PDA ning blog

There is also a new tab on the main page with a drop down menu called QUICK FIND check it out.

This is going to be a place to find stuff that is current and you need a quick answer. If nothing else, it will send you on a wild goose link chase. But is should sort of make things easier.

QUICK FIND will have many more layers as I get caught up so check often for the latest tidbits.


PDA Member Art images and photos are now accepted

Hi Everyone,

We are now accepting image and photo uploads of member art creations

Have a quick read through the guidelines of uploading.

I can't wait to start seeing your art!

Bring it on!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Photo Upload Game Winners for March and April

Hi Everyone,

Yes I have been behind but I am getting caught up as fast as I can push myself.

So I have 2 winners for the Photo upload game

March winner is: Kay Mace

April winner is : Valeriana

Whoooo Hoooo

Each of them will receive the Monthly Ephemera Box loaded with altered art and collage goodies.

Kay and Valeriana, I will put those in the mail on Monday ( have to make up the packages first)

This will now close out our photo upload game as we now are in the process of making more changes to photo uploading on this site.

Don't worry, there are no shortages of challenges and opportunities coming up!


Winner of the Jewelery Pocket Packet Theme

Winner of the Jewelery Pocket Packet is Cindy!

For her sweet match box miniature
jewelery box

Cindy will receive a pocket packet sent in the mail,


All the other participants including Cindy will receive a digital collage sheet of Japanese images via email.

Don't worry, there are plenty of other Pocket Packet Challenges coming up soon.
Watch for the newest one tomorrow!


Pocket Packet Theme Jewelery

Oh I so love these mixed Media Weekly Challenges

Here are the entries for the Pocket Packet Theme Jewelery






(Kay I so would like to buy this piece if it is for sale or trade!)

Thank you everyone for participating in this weeks Pocket Packet Challenge.

The winner will be posted shortly! ;)


Winner of Pocket Packet Friday In My Garden

The winner is Suzanne Delaney

Suzanne will receive a pocket packet sent in the mail,


All the other participants including Suzanne will receive a digital collage sheet of garden images via email.

Thanks for playing everyone! I look forward to seeing more participation in the up coming Pocket Packet Fridays!


Pocket Packet Theme In My Garden Entries

What an amazing collection for that week.

Here are the entries as follows:


Kay Mace


Suzanne Delaney

Cathy Wendler Submitted Her very Lovely Poem

In My Garden,

The gate is always open
The grass is always green
The flowers always greet the sun
With full faces alight with joy.

It always rains at the right time
And ends before it gets messy.
Nothing is old, all is new,
Everything is just right.

And nothing is wrong.

In my garden,
Peace is always plentiful, sunshine glows, and reflections shine.
Everything is at its perfect peak
Nothing is rotten.
Nothing is droopy.
Nothing is sad.

In my garden, everything is perfect, peaceful and beautiful.
In my garden, you are present, whole, healthy, and rested.
In my garden, all are welcome.

Fabulous Entries as always, I will be announcing the winner shortly!

Thanks for participating in Pocket Packet Fridays!


PDA Blog Revival

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to you from the PDA Blog off of the PDA network.

This Blog will be RSS feed through PDA and will host announcements and current information.
Just like our blogs on our profiles, you will be able to leave comments.

You can click any time to see the latest information as well you can become a follower of this blog and receive notification of new information. (sign up to subscribe at the top)

Lots to do around here so watch this blog fill up over the next few weeks.