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Monday, December 22, 2008

Challenge Winner is.......

Hi Everyone,

And the Winner is.......

The Winner of our Rusty Nails, bottle caps, pulltabs and paper clips art creation is.....

Pat Upton for her Version: In my world if I rest I rust.

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Congrats to Pat, she will receive a special goody pack in the mail from PDA that will include both ephemera and an art piece. Whoo Hoo Pat!!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

In My World Art Challenge

Voting will begin after Midnight December 14th, 2008 for 1 week.
Entry numbers will correspond with vote box.

Here are the rules and entries for the In My World Art Challenge.

2. Your art piece must contain at least one recycled item:

Rusty nail, bottle cap, pull tab, paperclips. can use them all if you like.

You can create more than one art item.

3. The title of your art piece must have the words

In my world......

and you complete the sentence as you see fit.

In no particular Order:

1. Pat Upton: In my world If I rest I rust

2. Nelly: Happy in my World

3. Lydia Hildebrandt My Words are Reused, and Recycled and ReWritten, and ReWriten, and ReWritten

4. Lee W.: In my world, there's a place
that I see when the day fades away.

5. John Dyhouse: In my world, the book of my life is nailed shut

6. John Dyhouse: In my world, accidents happen

7. Carita Oksa: In my world, I can fly free

8. Heather: In my world, everything has potential for beauty

9. Donna: In my world there is bliss and joy of a child

10. Donna: In my world, My Mother is my angel

11. Donna: In my world, I have thoughts of my Mother's love

12. Cheri Hins: In my world, Rust happens