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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4 More Collage Sheets Designed by PDA Members

Hi Everyone,

Another 4 new digital collage sheets created by our members

These are available to NON PDA Members in the PDA Etsy Shop for $2.49 each
and if you are a PDA member, well bonus for you, these collage sheets are already waiting for you to download from the Templates and printables category under the free images tab.

Lydia Shadier Pale of White

Pat Upton : A Settler's Family Homestead

2 more designs from Cassie and that takes Cassie up to 4 now. One of her collage sheets has already sold on Etsy Whooo Hooo, thanks Cassie, you will have a PDA Designer Icon coming soon to display on your profile page!

Birds Flock Together

It's Money Honey

Happy Creating!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Two new Collage Sheet Designs by Members

Two more collage sheets designed by our very own PDA members

Posted for sale in the PDA Etsy Shop for non members at 2.49 each and no shipping charges

Available FREE to PDA members in the Templates and printables category under the free images.

Gosh does it get any better than this? Happy Creating

Created by John Dyhouse

Colors of Autumn by John

Created by Cassie

Cassie's Green with Envy

Happy creating!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 New PDA Collage sheets

Hi Everyone,

All 3 of these images are available free for PDA members to download from the free images. Look under the Free images, Templates and Printables tab on PDA

If you are not a member of PDA you can purchase these as image downloads at the PDA Etsy store for a mere $2.49 each and no shipping charges!

Antiquarian Book Art Collage sheets Page Ornaments

Antiquarian Book Art Collage sheets Angels and Cherubs

This one was created by member Cassie for the Design a collage sheet challenge

Titled: Cassie's Got the Blues

So many art little time!



Hi Everyone,

Whew, over the last few days I have handed out over 100 PDA ICONS. Maybe you are one of the lucky recipients?
Did you receive an Icon and you are not sure what for? Then stop by PDA under the Quick Find Tab (on main page) and you will find a link to PDA Icons, the whole story is there for you to read!

It's only the beginning!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Linky Loo Loos

Linky Loo Loos another new tab on PDA main page. Just hover over it and you will see a drop down menu of categories

These are links to PDA member Etsy stores, websites, storefronts, and blogs with many more categories to come.

If you would like to add your shops and blogs, be sure to leave a comment under the categoires you are interested.

Ohhh and happy reading and shopping!


100 New Images and Member Collections

Hi Everyone,
just a note to let you know that I have uploaded over 100 new images to the free image site. Including 2 new categories: Tickets/Coupons and Photos only for vintage and cabinet images.

As well, we have started a new category for Member Collections. member Collections are images that PDA members have in their own personal collections that they would like to share with other members.

Kay Mace has offered up a lovely collection of postcards and photos from her own stash.
Whether it is photos, or vintage postcards (must be your own) or even cool textures and foliage that you take with your digital camera. Feel free to drop me a note if you are interested in sharing some of those images.

You can find all of these new image categories by looking under the free image tabs on main page.
Oh yeah and dont for get you need to get the password from the Key Master Group.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Winners of the Palatable Pocket Packet Theme

Hi Everyone,

Yes, because everyone that participated in the Palatable theme has received at least one pocket packet before, I thought this time around I would make it easy for them and me and let them all be winners!!!

Whoo Hooo!

Yep, if you participated, check your email box for a link to a Food collage sheet waiting for you to download.

Ohhh and there is more.......coming very soon they will also receive the PARTI Icon for participating!

Our newest theme is up:What are you singing in 1950? and waiting for you to enter your lovely art item.

I look forward to some fun art creations