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Saturday, July 30, 2011

June/July PPF Participation Winners

Hi Everyone,

Well I was too lazy to get out the scrap papers and write everyone's name for the draw, plus hubby isnt home to make the draw so I made it easy on myself!
For the last 6 themes we had 6 steady participants so all 6 receive 2 PDA points and a lovely Pocket Packet Icon:

Whooo hooo Congrats!!!!

Teresa Hall (Tee)
Brigitte Vosgien
Heather Gilbert
Cynthia Stevens
Josie Hancock
Suzanne (ByHisStripes)

New themes for PPF have now been posted for all of August into Mid September so there is no excuse for you to not participate. You just never know when I may get lazy again and have everyone receive PDA points!


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