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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pocket Packet Theme In My Garden Entries

What an amazing collection for that week.

Here are the entries as follows:


Kay Mace


Suzanne Delaney

Cathy Wendler Submitted Her very Lovely Poem

In My Garden,

The gate is always open
The grass is always green
The flowers always greet the sun
With full faces alight with joy.

It always rains at the right time
And ends before it gets messy.
Nothing is old, all is new,
Everything is just right.

And nothing is wrong.

In my garden,
Peace is always plentiful, sunshine glows, and reflections shine.
Everything is at its perfect peak
Nothing is rotten.
Nothing is droopy.
Nothing is sad.

In my garden, everything is perfect, peaceful and beautiful.
In my garden, you are present, whole, healthy, and rested.
In my garden, all are welcome.

Fabulous Entries as always, I will be announcing the winner shortly!

Thanks for participating in Pocket Packet Fridays!


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